Hello Vampire,

Voluntary bloodshed, I cut myself to feed you,

Dead lips on my skin, it looks bad, till it feels good.

Bite to the jugular vein, in a blood pool,

The thirst replaces pain, as the fangs cuts through,

Darkness in the darkness, smile monster, I created you.

Voices in my head, the demons are not me, it’s you.

The darkness eats up from the inside, my soul enchanted,

Shadows hiding a longer shadow, the night in the dark end,

For the fear of loss, I became an enemy in a non-existent contest.

Of what use is another ghost…

She has kissed lips, she shouldn’t have spoken to,

She has begged for kindness with her eyes, but half of the world is blind tho.

She’s asked questions, but everyone has the answers she doesn’t need.

Everyone has a cure, but no one knows the disease.

She can be a soul searcher,

Looking for love in the embrace of a stranger.

Wishing their cold arms could become warm, and ease her misery.

Yet, strangers are not always lovers waiting to be made,

Sometimes you are really just alone.

But for her necromancy of the heart,

She will do anything to…

He was born as Omah Stanley Didia, a 23 year old boy from Portharcourt city, Rivers state. The South-South region of Nigeria.

Omah’s musical journey started during his teenage years as a member of the rap group, Lil King.

A few years later he swapped performing for producing, quickly becoming Port Harcourt’s go-to guy for a hit single, but he picked up the mic again when he realized he could use his newfound skills to advance his career.

In 2019 he released two singles “Do Not Disturb” and “Hello Brother”, both of which ended up on heavy rotation on Port…

An Unhinged Love

Funmilayo likes staring through the Window,

Every Evening,

In a desperate attempt to steal a glimpse of him.

A Middle-aged young man called Tunde.

Charmed with a gorgeous look, enough to captivate a girl’s heart,

Equipped with a physique, bold enough to capture her attention,

And send her dreaming of lala land.

Tunde is a specimen, every woman’s desire.

Tall, and Dark with sexy brown eyes.

Who lives next building to Funmilayo’s.

He usually comes to the balcony to do a little workout every evening.

This has become a ritual to him.

Sadness, Tears, Blood and Lies

In memory of our National heroes who died brutally in the hands of the Military at the Lekki Toll gate, Lagos, Nigeria.

We will never Forget.

It was a very dark night, perhaps one of the Darkest nights in Nigeria’s history.

They say “Dark days are welcomed and the night has it’s place”.

But we are not just sad because it was dark, we are sad because we are still bleeding.

We are sad because the world was silent when we died, and our brothers and sisters belted out the song of their fatherland as bullets sprayed over them like…

For Sweat and Blood

On Thursday October 8th 2020, Courageous young Nigerians took to the streets in what would be a peaceful protests against the extra judicial killings of a certain notorious unit of the Nigerian Police force known as SARS (Special Anti-robbery squad).

This was after a video that allegedly showed SARS officers shooting a man in Nigeria’s Delta State went viral.

The demonstrations brought major cities like Lagos and the capital Abuja to a standstill, threatening its already struggling economy.

SARS was set up in 1992 to tackle a growing problem of people stealing from each other using force in Nigeria.


Welcome to Insanity

I have seen well-dressed mental illness and ignored depression, Wannabes, pretenders, and false impressions.

I have seen death-wishing motorcyclists and hapless riders. The thoughtless human rush in a geographic collider.

I have seen a traffic gridlock so long that you might begin to think it’s a tourist attraction. As funny as it may sound but the reality in this city is ironically funny.

In Lagos, everyone is trying to “hammer” but the nail is fucking bent.

If Nigeria were a walking and talking human being. Lagos would be its heart, beating profusely to the ribcage. …

For the healing is in the suffering

I have pondered and probed the deepest parts of my mind, to seek answers. The more I dig deep for it, the less I see or understand.

My curiosity to know why humans encounter so much suffering and why some seem to take a lengthy period to heal.

I find it difficult to understand why most people go through pains, hurts, and suffering for a cause which is not their own doing.

It’s fair to say that humans are built to endure all these strives during the course of their lives, Of course, life is not a bed of roses…

Movie Review

Image credit: Google.com

The most talked about and highly anticipated Nollywood film of 2019: Living in Bondage — Breaking free, was released in cinemas on the 8th of November last year, a sequel to the original 1992 film Living in bondage. A movie that gave birth to the fame of Nollywood industry.

I never watched the first 1992 classic Living in bondage, Although i was just a year old then, and still i was not in such a hurry to see the acclaimed “Blockbuster sequel” that was released 5 months ago. Well, just yesterday i finally decided to watch the film.

I should…

God or the Devil?

It is supposed to be one of the safest place to seek refuge, and not a scene for murder. It is meant to be a place to run for salvation, and not a space to turn from damnation. It is believed to be a temple where one goes to exercise their faith and not a building where someone leaves with a dark fate.

A young female ran to the church for peace, albeit to study but she was torn to pieces. Head against the wall, head against the church pews. A rape in the church? or sexual assault?. Call it…

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