The myth of self-sufficiency

This article was first published in November 2019 on another website when the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd.) was justifying the closure of our land borders, using the desire for food self-sufficiency as justification. Although those borders have been opened since December 2020, the belief…

A letter

I can imagine your eyes rolling so hard right now seeing my number; if you remember it or haven’t blocked me which I hope you didn’t do since this message, call it essay if you want, is very important.

Let me start by saying I am really sorry for…

A Memo

For most of the past 3 years, we haven’t had light at home.

Sounds unbelievable. Most people are shocked when they hear it. But it’s true. It started as a monthly bill. We felt it was too large and inaccurate considering our power consumption so we complained to the power…

I met a girl

Jeez!, Her eyes. That’s what drew me in, eyes that shined like the sun striking a bald man’s head in the middle of summer. There was something in there that called out to me, more enticing than a siren’s song, more alluring than a thousand pearls.

Must be weird seeing…

A short story

“Where were you when your phone was ringing?” He thundered the moment she stepped inside.

Obim…I…” Why was it this time that her tongue decided to cease?

“You what? You know what? I am done with your rubbish! You wayward creature. …

Girl’s Pov

*Laughs* men often think they’re the most insecure, always delusional.

Yeah, I know, it is no competition, but would you let me have the floor? Thank you, it’s the least you could do. Asshole.

First things first, I do not trust men. But for some inexplicable shift in my consciousness…

It is 12:35.

In regular parts of the world, it is lunchtime; a moment to withdraw yourself from the grind of the work and take a breath. But on a random road in Lagos, it is the right time for a long, twisted, unending traffic jam.There is no time for…

A Short Story


I joined in the chorus as my teary friend, whom I had barely seen in over two years, stood dumbfounded, hands over mouth, teary-eyed, surrounded by her new circle of friends whom I barely knew. …

A Guide To Understanding The Central Bank Of Nigeria’s New Digital Currency

It’s been one week since the Central bank of Nigeria, under President Buhari’s Administration, decided to launch her new digital currency, the eNaira.

The motives behind this innovation is still debatable, some may argue that it is a direct response to the government admitting defeat to an earlier battle with…

Ebuka Nwafor

Creative Writer sailing towards an Author • | I write basically on any thing that bothers and Ignite my mind •

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