They killed us

Tears, Blood and Lies

Ebuka Nwafor
5 min readOct 27, 2020


In memory of our National heroes who died brutally in the hands of the Military at the Lekki Toll gate, Lagos, Nigeria.

We will never Forget.

It was a very dark night, perhaps one of the Darkest nights in Nigeria’s history.

They say “Dark days are welcomed and the night has it’s place”.

But we are not just sad because it was dark, we are sad because we are still bleeding.

We are sad because the world was silent when we died, and our brothers and sisters belted out the song of their fatherland as bullets sprayed over them like acid rain.

We are sad because the people who promised us light, are the ones who killed us in the dark.

We are sad because our heroes who stood their ground for a change were gunned down by mere rage.

Gunned down by a set of predators who waited eagerly to pounce on their unarmed prey. Taking orders from a blood thirsty tyrant who feeds on the civic rights of his people.

The labour of our heroes past easily washed away by the bravery of our heroes today. Instead of peace and unity, we are offered bullets, death and dischord.

Instead of hope and truth, we are being offered despair and Lies.

Different versions of the same lie, told by a Government who is irresponsible to take actions and not bold enough to address her citizens.

We can go back home, cry our eyes out in grief and self pity or we can come back renewed, restrategized and ready to keep on fighting for a better Nigeria.

Truth is, the pain of the night of 20th October 2020, where Nigeria armed forces opened fire on peaceful #ENDSARS Protesters will forever remain in our hearts.

We will never have enough words because the words to describe such evil have not yet been conceived by the English Language. No really. What do we say to those who opened fire on kneeling…